Artist Callout!

Makespace Oxford is looking for a bold street or graphic artist to transform a street facing window on Park End Street into an exciting and engaging urban art piece.

What the space will be: The Community Works will be a dynamic community action hub located in the Oxford city centre for social enterprises and progressive organisations. 

Project Background: Makespace Oxford transforms empty and underused  buildings into dynamic hubs for community action, creativity and social change. They support socially conscious organisations to build a community by providing  affordable space to work and collaborate.

Tone: Exciting, Progressive, Bold, Local, Accessible, Profound, Inviting, Provocative

Budget for this project is £800. If this project inspires you, please send a rough sketch of proposed design and execution concept, costing, and up to 5 examples of your previous work or a link to your artist’s website or social media by October 31st 2020 to 

The world has changed a lot this year. Our sense of normality has been challenged. We’ve become more aware of our need for connection and community and through this have seen creative and generous altruism and brilliant grassroots organising in reaction to these unique challenges. We’re looking for an artist who can express their vision while addressing these current affairs and championing community action, creativity and social change in a unique, even provocative way. (Some of our primary stakeholders are Oxford University Colleges and the Oxford City Council so it is important to make sure that the piece does not offend.) 

The window should be bold and attention grabbing, get people from across the street at the train station interested in the space and inspire engagement and/or participatory action from passers by. They should be excited that the space is being developed, and to be inquisitive enough to look us up online. The piece does not need to be explicitly about Makespace or The Community Works but its theme needs to fit alongside what we do – using empty space in Oxford, providing affordable space for purpose driven organisations, creating space for community, and encouraging civic discourse. 


The piece should cover the windows in such a way that the public cannot see into the space behind from walking by, as there will be construction work happening behind the windows that we want to obscure. It does not have to cover the whole window, but should cover at least half to two thirds of the window from the bottom up.

There are four adjacent square windows which are all 1980mm x 1880mm

Media choice is up to the artist, however, the piece will be on display for only 3-6 months, depending on the renovation schedule for the ground floor space. It should be easily removable without damage to the windows or fascia.

Inspirations / Examples