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Owned by Oxford

OBO was a pilot project seeking to bring wealth and power back home for local people and communities in Oxford.

Through a model known as Community Wealth Building, Owned by Oxford worked to build a community-led economy in our city. By partnering with local grass roots organisations and larger, more established institutions, the program tested and innovated new ideas and models of economic exchange that stop wealth flowing out of our communities to put it back in the hands of local people.

Makespace Oxford is one of five partner organisations that were behind Owned by Oxford, alongside CAG Oxfordshire, Solidarity Economy Association, Oxford City Council and Aspire. Through our experience in accessing and reanimating meanwhile spaces, we worked alongside Owned by Oxford to provide the spaces that local organisations needed to operate, connect and thrive.


Community Wealth Building is people-centred approach to local economic development which redirects wealth back into the local economy, and places control and benefits into the hands of local people.

Simply put, it's all about supporting the positive, socially and environmentally ‘generative’ parts of the economy to grow while reducing extractive, damaging ones. You can find out more in on the Owned by Oxford website.

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Inclusive ownership

Developing small enterprises, community organisations and co-operatives.

Local finance

Increase flows of investment within local economies by recirculating existing wealth.

Fair work

Improve local economies by recruiting from lower income areas, pay Living Wage and build progression routes

Progressive spending

Develop local supply chains that support local employment and retain wealth locally.

Land and property

Deepen function and ownership of local assets; allow financial and social gain to be harnessed by citizens.

The Oasis

In late 2022, Owned by Oxford - in partnership with Makespace Oxford - refurbished one of the unused offices in the Blackbird Leys Community Centre, dubbed The Oasis.
Portrait of Dianne Regisford, Owned by Oxford resident focus

The Oasis was situated in the now-condemned Blackbird Leys Community Centre.


Envisioned as a base where the Owned By Oxford team could ‘presence place’ in the community. The Oasis was a space that enabled interaction, exploration and experimentation.


The space was community-led and co-curated, brought back to life by local tradespeople.

Dianne OBO
OBO Oasis


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