Equity, Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Makespace Oxford aims to be a diverse and inclusive organisation that is accessible, welcoming, and truly representative of the region of Oxfordshire. We have zero tolerance for behaviours that threaten equality and inclusion and are committed to celebrating and championing diversity, equality, and inclusion within our workplace, amongst our residents, and in our communities.

We have reviewed and thought critically about all aspects of our work, and have identified the five key focus areas for our equity, equality, diversity & inclusion work below.

Race & Ethnicity

Setting ambitious goals around visible representation, increasing diversity across our team and within our communities through the development and implementation of our Racial Justice action plan, and developing strategies for tackling racial injustice within our work.

Social Inequality

Supporting communities from the widest possible social backgrounds and underrepresented, socially-excluded, underserved groups. Developing an ethics policy on social affordability in relation to the ‘Meanwhile in Oxfordshire…’ programme.

Gender & Sexuality

Increasing representation of employment across Oxfordshire. Supporting organisations who aim to develop safe spaces for those facing gender-based violence, and removing gender barriers to public facilities in areas operated by Makespace Oxford.


Increasing our own awareness and working with access consultants to develop initiatives that eliminate barriers and transform high streets to be more inclusive spaces, regardless of physical or mental ability.

Climate Emergency

Taking our responsibility for the health of our planet seriously by developing and reviewing our environmental action plan on an annual basis with relation to the aims of Makespace Oxford. This will include reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency across our buildings, reducing waste production, maximising reuse and recycling points, and championing organisations within our ‘Meanwhile in Oxfordshire…’ programme that make a carbon neutral impact on society.

We also recognise the importance of understanding the intersectionality of these issues in deepening our understanding of identities, and the diversity and nuance in the ways in which people hold power.

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