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Making space for sustainability, creativity and community in the UK’s least affordable city

Space in Oxford is hard to come by

Truly affordable space in Oxford is non-existent. In 2015, a small group of community-led and socially-driven organisations, struggling to find the space in which to fix, build, work and make an impact, came together to try a new approach. They formed Makespace Oxford, a Community Interest Company to find innovative ways of bringing empty and underused buildings back into use as an affordable community working and making space.

The first Makespace Oxford has now opened in a North Oxford building owned by Wadham College and awaiting redevelopment. Twenty social enterprises, workers cooperatives, small charities and creative individuals are now working from Makespace Oxford.
The building is a catalyst, a question and a demand to make space for sustainability, creativity and community. It’s also a vibrant hub for community action, a place where new partnerships begin and ideas come to life.

We’re now looking for new buildings, new opportunities to bring empty, underused and unloved structures back to life for the benefit of the local community. If you know of space like this then we’d love to hear from you.
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The Community Action Groups

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Fixing bikes with the people that ride them


Oxford Alterations


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